Litigation or arbitration

Legal proceedings are at the very heart of our expertise. We know how to implement a judicial strategy to enable you to enforce your rights in justice before all the courts of French-speaking Switzerland and also in all arbitration bodies at both Swiss and international level. However, we take great care to make an economic analysis of your situation beforehand so as to rule out any possibility that you may become embroiled in lengthy, expensive and sometimes even pointless proceedings.

At the same time, we can help you to challenge unwarranted legal actions and proceedings with a view to protecting your own interests and arriving at an equitable out-of-court settlement or a favourable judgement.

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Arbitration is recommended in actions which involve highly complex and specific matters and also in the case of disputes with foreign companies. In that eventuality, Switzerland is often the ideal venue for the arbitration tribunal because some Swiss chambers of commerce are accustomed to this type of dispute resolution.

Wilhelm Avocats has extensive experience in the area; in the past ten years it has completed no less than fifteen arbitration proceedings in compliance with the International Arbitration Regulations of the ICC and Swiss Rules of International Arbitration. However, the costs of international arbitration are often very high and there is no possibility of appeal against the final arbitration ruling.

Only lawyers admitted to the bar are entitled to conduct proceedings in the Swiss courts. Most of the staff at Wilhelm Avocats are authorised to practise at the bar in Switzerland. They are familiar with the intricacies of legal procedure and know how to use all the subtleties of the law to defend their clients’ interests.

Our team of legal experts in the resolution of judicial or arbitration disputes

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