Labour law

Every company must manage legal relations with its employees as proficiently as possible. Swiss law is becoming increasingly complex in this area. We are accustomed to handling issues of this kind not only from the Swiss legal perspective, but also from a transnational angle.

As lawyers, we are able to anticipate court judgements and give you the benefit of realistic clauses which are in phase with the jurisprudence of the labour law courts. We know and follow practice in the main branches of industry (banks, watchmaking, SMEs). That enables us to advise you on how to put appropriate provisions in place and manage them from the legal angle so that you remain attractive and in phase with the requirements of the market.

We do of course successfully represent our clients in labour law disputes in the courts. Please contact us for more information on this matter.

Wilhelm Avocats is able to assist its clients at every phase of the employment relationship. Wilhelm Avocats has great experience of drafting employment contracts, in particular in writing complex clauses which provide for different types of remuneration (fixed, variable, share participation plans, stock option plans, etc.).

Wilhelm Avocats is also able to defend its clients’ interests in the courts if conflicts do occur. Our law firm is active for this purpose in all the French-speaking Swiss cantons.

Wilhelm Avocats has established permanent relationships of trust with the cantonal labour law authorities. Our law firm knows how to prepare a dossier for presentation to these authorities and goes on to manage the different phases of the proceedings with them. It is able to present the file to all the social partners involved in a restructuring operation of this kind.

Swiss labour law may seem simple at first sight, but it is heavily influenced by local practices; disregarding those practices will soon cause prejudice to the company concerned. By seeking the advice of Wilhelm Avocats, any foreign company which sets up in Switzerland can rest assured that its own practice complies with the relevant Swiss standards.

Our lawyers who are experts in labour law

Christophe Wilhelm

Christophe Wilhelm

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Sandra Gerber

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