International mutual legal assistance

The environment in which companies and their managements operate is constantly changing and has an increasingly high-profile international component, meaning that those involved are more exposed to proceedings under criminal and administrative law.

WILHELM Avocats SA defends its clients’ interests when they are the subject of measures ordered to enforce applications for international mutual legal assistance addressed to either Switzerland or authorities abroad.

Our versatile team is able to provide WILHELM Avocats SA’ clients with comprehensive, well-informed and balanced advice on all aspects of the mutual legal assistance process and criminal or administrative law proceedings with an international dimension.

As such, we provide representation, defence and advice for individuals and businesses in all cases involving mutual legal and administrative assistance in the field of international economic law.

In this connection, WILHELM Avocats SA can draw on the specialist assistance of Mr Robert Zimmermann, an acknowledged expert in international mutual legal assistance and author of the Swiss reference work on the subject.

Our lawyers who specialize in international mutual legal assistance

Robert Zimmermann

+41 21 711 71 00

Ema Bolomey, Wilhelm Avocats

Ema Bolomey

+41 21 711 71 00

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