Intellectual property

Intellectual property is often one of the most valuable assets of any company. We are able to help you with the legal protection of this property which is vital to the success of a business.

In particular, we can advise and assist you with the registration of your brands and trademarks.

Copyright is not only an important source of income for artists, but also constitutes recognition of their work. Valorisation and protection of these rights are an integral aspect of our expertise.

We draft contracts for management of your intellectual property, together with contracts which enable it to be shared, in particular licence contracts, joint venture contracts, development and investment contracts. We help you to defend your interests against unfair competition or counterfeiting.

We advise you on non-competition clauses or on provisions to safeguard your business secrets.

The law firm Wilhelm Avocats appears on the website of the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property as trade mark consultant.

  • Wilhelm Avocats deploys its many years of experience to ensure that clients make the best possible use of their intellectual property assets.
  • As a law firm, Wilhelm Avocats knows how to defend its client’s interests in the event of conflicts with third parties.
  • Wilhelm Avocats has a vast network of patent agents to ensure comprehensive coverage of intellectual property issues.

Wilhelm Avocats believes it is. Personality and image rights deserve to be fully and effectively protected. Wilhelm Avocats has extensive expertise in this matter. For example, it advises various prominent figures with high media exposure on managing their image, in particular when it comes to the drafting of contracts linked to the promotion of that image.

Wilhelm Avocats first makes an assessment of the situation on the basis of its client’s own wishes before going on to define an effective long-term protection strategy with them.
A budget is then drawn up.

Our lawyer who specializes in intellectual property

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Anne Dorthe

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