Data protection

Data protection is a topical issue that concerns us all, either because data is being about us are processed or because we are processing data about other people. All companies deal nowadays with personal data, whether for employees, customers or suppliers.

We assist you in the legal implementation of this protection.

We advise you and assist to comply with Swiss law and / or the European Regulation, known by the acronym GDPR, currently in force.

We can also intervene as an external DPO.

We revise or draft your social documents, for instance data protection policy, internal charter, agreements or addendums, in order to safeguard your interests from the point of view of data protection.

We advise you, among other things, on the organizational and technical measures to put in place as well as for the legal retention period of your data.

We also assist you in the exercise of your rights (access, erasure, restriction, rectification, etc.).

If necessary, WILHELM Avocats SA will also assist you in court.

Avocat à Lausanne

Our lawyer who specializes in data protection

Sandra Gerber

+41 21 711 71 00

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