Attorneys who specialize in contract law

Drafting contracts is not a matter to be taken lightly. A contract written too hastily will inevitably be a source of problems and costly failures which are best avoided before they even occur by seeking the immediate help of skilled advisers. Only a lawyer has the necessary mastery of legal language and the ability to avoid its pitfalls.

Our law firm benefits from extensive experience in the drafting of all kinds of contracts which a company must negotiate and conclude to ensure effective protection of its own interests. We have broad experience of drafting sales contracts, general terms and conditions of sale, business contracts, supply contracts, distribution contracts, brokerage and agency contracts, commission contracts, mandate contracts, commercial property lease agreements and all other kinds of contracts associated with business life in the broad sense of the term.

Do not hesitate to contact us to learn just how important it is to secure the advice and assistance of a lawyer to draft a contract before a crisis can occur.

  • You may rest assured that your contracts will be compliant with Swiss law.
  • You benefit from the informed and enlightened advice of a specialist in the field.
  • The budget set aside for this purpose often falls well short of the potential damage caused by a badly worded contract.

Models written in a body of law other than Swiss law are not appropriate to protect the interests of any person wishing to pursue a commercial activity in Switzerland. Swiss contract law not only uses specific terminology but also differs on many points from the contract law of neighbouring countries.

Wilhelm Avocats writes all kinds of contract involving business law, such as general terms and conditions of sale, investment agreements, convertible loans, merger and divestment agreements, conversion agreements, lease agreements, employment contracts, real-estate agency contracts, exclusive representation contracts and distribution contracts…

Wilhelm Avocats has access to a very extensive database founded on over 20 years’ practical experience of drafting contracts in French, English and German.

The budget devoted to this drafting work is an initial investment which guarantees that the future commercial relationship is placed on a sound footing. Without the help of a lawyer, drafting a contract is harder than it may seem. Contracts written by laymen are easily detected; they are a token of amateurism which can have a negative impact on the person or company who is a party to such documents.

Our lawyers who specialize in contract law

Christophe Wilhelm

Christophe Wilhelm

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Sandra Gerber

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Steve Gomes

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