Areas of expertise

Our team is composed of experienced lawyers who are able to advise our clients on all the legal stages of their business, as advisers, but also as lawyers in the case of civil or arbitration proceedings.

We have an extensive network in Switzerland and worldwide, with a focus on Brazil and Canada. We are capable of taking action in partnership with other specialists on economic, financial and tax matters.

We are conscious of the importance of giving the best advice to our clients in the time granted. We pride ourselves in acting in the timeliest way.

We work in French, English, German, Portuguese and Italian.

Our areas of legal expertise are mainly the following:

Setting-up of companies, drafting of documents in conjunction with the company lifecycle, complex articles of association clauses, company rules, capital increases, business transformations, mergers and divestments of companies, shareholder meetings, investment meetings, management of excess debt and bankruptcy, management of governance.

Sales contracts, business contracts, supply contracts, distribution agreements, brokerage contracts, commission contracts, mandate contracts, real-estate commercial contracts, and all other types of contract linked to the lifecycle of the company in the broad sense of the term.

Employment contracts, stock option plans, mainly from the employer’s perspective.

Licensing agreements, drafting of all contractual relations involving intellectual property, management of trademark registration, management of a company’s intellectual property.

Public procurement law (legal support for contract-awarding authorities, legal oversight for bidding companies and representation in court); International mutual legal assistance (representation, defense and advice for individuals or businesses); Land-use development (building areas, submissions, pleas) ; Construction law (building permits, conventions, follow-up on construction projects, representation before the courts) ; Environmental protection (protection of the environment, the landscape, nature, water resources, air and the fight against noise pollution).

Management of enforced debt recovery, management of situations of excess debt, management of bankruptcy and adjournments of bankruptcy, negotiations with the bankruptcy and debt-recovery authorities.

All national or international civil disputes or arbitration.

Assistance in international or Swiss national arbitration proceedings.

Do not hesitate to contact us to find out just how vital the advice
and assistance of a specialist lawyer in fact are.

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